Announcing our first AWE Tel Aviv Auggie Award Winners

Startup to Watch and Best in Show Auggie Award presented at inaugural AWE Tel Aviv

Photo by Ezra Levy

AWE Tel Aviv concluded with a celebration of the best-of-the-best in AR and VR in honoring two companies with a coveted Auggie Award in the categories of “Startup to Watch” and “Best-in-Show”. While these were the first Auggie awards ever to be given out in Israel, the Auggie Awards have been the most recognized industry AR & VR awards in the world since 2010 with awards honored at AWE USA, AWE Asia and AWE EU.

The Startup to Watch award was presented by Omri Cohen, Director and Partner of Vive X Israel. This award honored the most promising startup from the startup pitch showcase which took place earlier in the day and was selected by a panel of judges made up of investors and corporate leaders all active within the XR space.. There were eleven startups in the running for this award including: With you can integrate yourself within fun videos and star side by side with your favorite characters & performers, with content updating daily on dozens of categories.

Sixdof Space: Offers the best mass-market solution for optical positional tracking: a unique approach leveraging existing lights instead of beacons.

White Raven:White Raven brings the connected-vehicle rider experience into the future, by augmenting the physical world outside the vehicle with geo-aware information, retail offers, and entertainment.

Oorym: Augmented reality optics

RestAR: RestAR enables every business owner to scan, convert, and render high-end 3D content based on physical products, using their mobile device.

WakingApp: Makers of ENTITI. With ENTiTi 3.0, the professional augmented reality toolkit, developers and designers have the power to rapidly produce outstanding AR experiences as stand-alone apps or integrated into existing mobile apps. Update on the fly and control where you host.

Inuitive: Inuitive design chips in order to optimize consumer experiences in the areas of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Drones, Robots and Autonomous Cars.

Third-i: A “mobile forward-viewing” platform which enables the user to utilize the camera while stillholding the mobile device naturally and bring an innovative experience to smartphone usage.

Superb Reality: Superb Reality integrates machine learning, low and high-level computer vision algorithms, AI, imaging optics, light field, and 3D into existing and future AR and VR.

TEXEL: Texel provides a white-label VR provisioning platform for broadcasters or content owners.

The winner of the Startup to Watch award went to Inuitive for its 3D imaging camera technology.

The award for Best-in-Show honors an exhibitor at the event who held the popular vote. All forty exhibitors at the event were eligible for this award and the AWE selection committee used a combination of social chatter, at-event polling and booth traffic to determine the winner. The winner of the Best-in-Show Auggie Award for AWE Tel Aviv 2018 went to Resonai for its Vera platform. Vera is a state-of-the-art, AI-powered platform that offers 3D object recognition, 3D scene reconstruction, and advanced semantics made for AR development.

A huge congratulations to both of our winners and to all the startups and exhibitors eligible for the award!