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Imec.IC-link is the semiconductor manufacturing division of imec. We help innovators, entrepreneurs and universities realize their ideas in silicium by providing low-cost prototyping, volume production and system integration of electronic assemblies

Imec.IC-link adds value across the entire ASIC value chain

-Access to leading edge foundries for any volume and supported by a world class support group.
-Build on the knowledge of imec research.
-Access our expertise in low-power design.
-Gain access to our technical support teams for technologies ranging from 0.5┬Ám to 12nm feature sizes.
-Work flexibly with either Full Turn-Key (FTK) or Customer-Owned Tooling (COT) design flows.
-Transition from small-scale Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) prototyping runs to volume production using our –ASIC supply-chain management services.