How to Make People Cry – Creating Emotional Experiences in XR

Room J

How can you use immersive technologies to create experiences that matter to humans? How can you go beyond the quick adrenaline rush and unlock deeper, more meaningful emotions that will never leave the ones who experience your world? What is the role of storytelling in the immersive world going forward and how is it applicable to everyday products? How can emotional software change the world?

Lucas Rizzotto has spent the past years exploring exactly these questions. His emotional social startup, Where Thoughts Go (premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival) is famously known for making over 20% of their users cry during testing, creating an experience that outlasts the headsets it’s experienced in.

At AWE, he’ll go in depth on how to create VR/AR experiences that grab humans emotionally and never let go. He’ll explore how to design products that think about emotion from the ground up, designing tools that are as useful as they are emotionally resonant. How to create empathetic experiences that can feel cathartic to the user and provide them with a healthy emotional outlet. And how compelling storytelling will begin to permeate every single tech product in the coming decade.

Design Track