Human Factors Approach to AR Navigation Design

Room J

Augmented reality technology provides the opportunity to support users with necessary information in real time and at point of need. However, without a deep understanding of the users and the tasks they are completing while using the AR technology, the interface design is at risk of providing too much or too little information, displaying the information inappropriately, and even potentially distracting the user from their primary task. With a human factors-based approach to the design and with specific optimization of the unique capabilities of augmented reality technology, the design can provide useful just-in-time assistance to the user, reducing their cognitive workload. This talk will discuss a human factors approach for AR interface design to support safe and efficient navigation through an industrial setting. It will focus on how to address specific considerations of the particular context, including different types of safety concerns, macro and micro navigation, and task support. Actionable guidelines for these design considerations will be discussed with specific examples from an industrial setting.

Design Track