Alan Robles

Firmwide Creative Media Leader, Gensler

Technologist, futurist, speaker, designer. Finding the edges of the design practice and developing projects of every scale in the pursuit of meaningful experiences. Focused on how emerging technologies can enhance natural interaction. Championing the idea that technology is an ingredient and not the whole recipe. Exploring how new technologies will evolve the places we live in by making the context a contributing part of the way places are productive. My current favorite quote (paraphrased): “Without data your proposal is just your opinion”


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My Sessions

AR’s influence on the evolution of “Place”

Room B5

As a designer leading explorations into how new technologies will impact the way new “places” are developed, at the worlds largest architectural firm, we practice our craft in the place where all new technologies will meet with the people who they are intended to serve. Augmented reality is changing the opportunities of designing place – not just in the process of design, but in the product of our design initiatives. This talk is about the real opportunities, the early implementations, and the next real evolution of “place” as enabled by the transformation of how we engage content.

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