Alberto Albertini

PR Manager, Univet Srl

Alberto Albertini (1966) has been working for 32 years in the Sales and Marketing of the leading and innovative manufacturing industry.
He has a master of Arts with honurs in Modern Philology.
Creative writer, journalist and copywriter, he is the creator and the artistic director of the Italian festival “Rinascimento Culturale” (Cultural Renaissance).
He teaches Marketing at the college “Brand New” of Scuola Holden in Turin (Italy), Industrial Marketing at the University of Brescia (Italy), International Communication and Economy and Management of the Enterprises at the Catholic University of Brescia (Italy).

My Sessions

The Safest Transition into the Digital Innovation

Room B4

While everybody talks about them, the Smart glasses are instead hardly catching on.
In fact, although since several years everybody talks about Augmented Reality, the smart glasses are still embryonic devices, above all the ones addressed to the industrial application.

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