Aldis Sipolins

Head of Virtual Reality and Game Design, IBM

Aldis Sipolins is an immersive technology researcher who applies his background in cognitive neuroscience and game design to enhance human performance. Aldis received a Ph.D. in Visual Cognition and Human Performance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015, specializing in neuroenhancement. In his time at UIUC he founded a VR research lab, where he developed cognitive tests using the Unity3D videogame engine. He was co-founder and CEO of a startup in San Francisco developing VR brain training videogames. His work at IBM focuses on applying immersive tech, sensor data, and machine learning techniques to enhance learning and cognition.

My Sessions

Psychology Behind Skill Transfer with AR/VR

Room B4

From the classroom to the manufacturing floor, immersive technology is changing the way we learn and work. Training and education are seen as low-hanging fruit for XR, but what does the data actually show? When does it make sense to use XR, and when is it unnecessary? When should we use VR vs AR? This talk will answer these questions and explain the psychology behind skill transfer.

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