Alesha Unpingco

User Experience Designer, Prototyper, Google (AR/VR)

Alesha Unpingco designs for both virtual and augmented reality as a user experience (UX) designer on the Google Daydream team. Prior to Daydream, she designed interactive experiences for various Google Ads & Commerce tools; led UX work for clients like Honda, Acura, and Intuit at Rubin Postaer and Associates; and applied design thinking methodologies to advance social good in startups, nonprofits, and higher ed. Alesha earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

My Sessions

Designing AR Experiences

Room J

AR is an entirely new medium with an entirely new set of design challenges and opportunities. This session will cover everything Google has learned so far about AR design, presented as a set of specific best practices. Topics will include volumetric interfaces, object placement, scene understanding, and designing for all users.

Design Track