Allan Cook

Managing Director, Deloitte

Allan Cook is the Global & US Technology, Media & Telecommunications Sector Leader for Deloitte’s Operations Transformation Practice, with more than 25-years of industry experience. Allan works with a wide variety of organizations building their innovation strategies, corporate visions and business plans. His client work has focused on strategy, scenario planning, business transformation, innovation and Digital Reality™ (Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 / Immersive). As one of the global leaders of Deloitte’s digital reality offering, he is working with clients to develop and implement their strategies, pilots and solution implementations in extended reality. He is also an active member of the Television Academy for Arts and Sciences in their Interactive Media branch.


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My Sessions

“Are We There Yet?” – Digital Reality & Enterprise Market Acceleration in 2018

Room B4

This talk will focus on the Digital Reality use cases Deloitte clients are building out as well as how the technology/content providers are meeting these needs. It will also look at the accelerators in the market today and barriers that still need to be overcome.

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