Allen Chien

Director of Virtual Reality Product Marketing, Goertek

Allen Chien is Director of Product Marketing at Goertek Electronics with responsibility for VR/AR product marketing and business development in North America & Europe. Prior to joining Goertek, he held a variety of product marketing and R&D roles at Broadcom and Micron for the mobile phone and mobile infrastructure markets. He received his B.S. degree in Materials Engineering from California Polytechnic University and his Ph.D. degree in Materials from University of California at Santa Barbara.

My Sessions

Goertek’s Experience with the Qualcomm Virtual Reality (VR) Accelerator Program

Qualcomm Technologies announced the VR HMD Accelerator Program to help device manufacturers quickly develop premium standalone VR HMDs. Goertek is Qualcomm’s primary original device manufacturer (ODM) partner and has developed multiple generations of VR HMD reference designs. This talk will share Goertek’s experiences with Qualcomm Technologies’ HMD Accelerator program and demonstrate how the program enables OEMs to improve their overall development experience and shorten time to commercialization. This program allows them to focus on their own customizations and content while leveraging Goertek’s engineering, design, and manufacturing experience in VR.

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