Becky Haruyama

AltspaceVR Events & Community Strategist, Microsoft

Becky Haruyama has more than twenty years of design/technology experience across a diverse range of categories including healthcare, games, research and incubation, productivity, e-commerce and publishing. She currently works on the AltspaceVR team at Microsoft, focusing on strategic events for social VR.

She recently spent a number of years working as a Principal Designer with the team responsible for designing HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality platform. Becky is working at the forefront of mixed reality, and sees the potential for it to revolutionize the way people work, play and communicate.

Based in Seattle with her husband and son, Becky has lived and worked in Beijing and traveled extensively in Asia. Her personal philosophy is one of curiosity, insight and joy and with her work she aims to ensure the mixed reality culture is intentionally designed in such a way that everyone is welcome, safe and can fully extend their potential.

My Sessions

The Future of Business is Collaboration: Spotting Common Goals for Partnerships and Right Fit Vendors

Room XK

How do you as an entrepreneur recognize shared goals? As a creator how do you know the right companies to team up with? How do you as an executive find the right fit in vendors for your company? In this panel we’ll discuss how to ask the right questions, meet the right people, and navigate opportunity in the XR industry and beyond.

XR4Inclusion Track