Blair MacIntyre

Principal Research Scientist, Mozilla

Blair MacIntyre is a Principle Research Scientist in the Emerging Technologies group at Mozilla, and a Professor of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. He has been doing AR research and development since 1991, founded the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech in 1999, and joined Mozilla in 2016. He has been working on bringing AR to the web since 2008, when he started the open-source Argon project at Georgia Tech. At Mozilla, he is leading the effort to bring high performance AR to commodity web browsers. He has worked on AR systems in military, industrial, educational, entertainment, and gaming domains, and consults on technical and legal issues in AR.


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My Sessions

A Roadmap for Future AR Technology in WebXR

Room GH

The Immersive Web community is working on making WebXR a reality, and over the coming year we will see prototype implementations of WebXR begin to appear in major browsers. Initially, WebXR will support VR (building on the community’s past experience building WebVR) and have basic support for AR devices. Over the next few years, we will begin to see AR support expand, including support for the new see-through head-worn displays coming out. In this talk I will discuss how WebXR might support the diversity of sensing and world knowledge AR devices will support, geolocation and persistence, and advanced capabilities like custom computer vision.

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