Brian Blau

Research Vice President, Gartner

Brian Blau focuses his research on personal technologies and markets. His advice covers technical and business strategies as they relate to important and popular topics, including virtual reality and augmented reality, consumer social networks, the video game market, mobile apps, consumer ecosystems, wearable devices and apps, personal drones, and many other app, services, technologies and go-to-market strategies. He also provides advice about using personal technologies in IT. In addition, Mr. Blau is the Lead Analyst for Apple.

My Sessions

A Journalist’s View on XR

Room B1

A passionate group of tech journalists discuss the state of XR. The panel will look behind the hype of immersive technologies to discuss what the vendors are offering, if they are meeting expectations, and what to expect next in terms of technology advancement. As an important tie in we will also discuss how businesses are starting to experiment with and deploy XR as they map out their own innovation plans for the coming years.

Inspire Track