Catelyn Orsini

Voice Interface Architect, Plantronics

“Catelyn Orsini is the Voice Interface Architect at Plantronics. In this technical role, Catelyn is charged with transforming innovative ideas and features into real products. After over a decade of designing audio devices to help connect people to each other, Catelyn is focusing on utilizing voice communications to connect people to the technology around them.
Catelyn first joined Plantronics in 2007 and spent five years designing audio hardware in the Acoustic and Audio System group. She then worked at Apple as an Acoustic Engineering Manager, leading the team responsible for advanced system testing and validation of headsets, loudspeakers, and third-party accessories.
Catelyn holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and an MS in Acoustics from Penn State University. Keen on advocating women in technology, Catelyn is a member of the Society of Women Engineers and also serves as a co-leader of Plantronics’ Women’s Leadership Group.

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In this session, Catelyn Orsini, Voice Interface Architect at Plantronics, will cover the evolution of communications, the various ways we communicate with others and technology today, and the relationship between technology and human senses; offering insights to those working on AI/AR projects or foundational, IoT frameworks, that may help ensure new communications paradigms are created that people will both welcome and enjoy.

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