Cathy Craig

Director, Movement Innovation Lab, Queen's University Belfast

Cathy Craig is a professor of experimental Psychology and Director of the Movement Innovation Lab at Queen’s University Belfast (http://www.qub.ac.uk/mil). With over 20 years’ research experience and 80 scientific publications, she is a recognized global ‘thought leader’ in the use of VR in sport. By exploiting the power of immersive technologies, she has developed methods that allow her to understand an individual’s ability to make the right decision, at the right time and execute it in the right way, something she has classed as Action Intelligence™. She is co-founder of INCISIV., a spin-out company that is developing products using immersive technologies to capture the essence of Action Intelligence™ which will offer new insight into an individual’s performance.

My Sessions

Using VR to Study Decision-Making in Sport: What We Need to Consider

Room B5

Pulling on concrete research examples, this talk will explore an in-depth analysis of a player’s action behaviours when immersed in a virtual environment and how this can offer new insight into player performance.

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